About Us

Japanology × LoFi

We want to make Japanese music
more popular around the world

In August 2022, we started this Japanolofi Records activity. Each of the members running the label is a beatmaker and a Japanese living in Japan.

As a musician in Japan, I am reminded that the LoFi / Chill genre has received surprisingly little attention in Japan. This is clearly due to the historical fact that the Japanese music market has developed for the domestic market.

The music industry in Japan has long been completed exclusively in the domestic market. As a result, Japanese artists “create music for the Japanese market, and record companies are marketing their products to the Japanese market.”

As a result, J-Pop and J-Rock became mainstream, a trend that continues to this day. In other words, “genres that are in demand worldwide but not popular in Japan” are, in principle, a blue ocean.LoFi/Chillout is a typical example.

There are many artists in Japan who want to play the LoFi / Chill genre. However, the Japanese music market has become a hindrance to this dream.

That is why we want to connect Japanese beatmakers in the LoFi / Chill genre to the world.

We would also like to share many beatmakers who are active in the world with the Japanese community.

We want to share the breadth of the world to all LoFi / Chill genre lovers in Japan.

I want people all over the world to know how great Japanese music is.

We always think so.


Thirsty Girl , Founder