Recipe & Beats vol.1 – Bitter melon stir-fry –

Today’s writer:konb

Hello, I’m konb, a beatmaker, trumpet player and dinner researcher.

New series “Recipe & Beats” started from this issue.

This is a column for adults to CHILL with their taste buds and ears, where beatmakers and producers introduce their prized recipes and favorite beats.

For the first commemorative theme, I would like to take up bitter melon stir-fry.

I love Okinawa. Before the Corona disaster, it was the home of my heart, where I visited twice a year, and whenever I got a bonus.

The sky, the sea, the smell of the air in a little alley. Auntie Uchinanchu. Vibrant hibiscus…

Oh…Just imagine how exciting it will be…!

Bitter melon stir-fry is the soul food of Okinawa.

It is a health food that is rich in vitamin C and protein, and is said to be the secret to longevity.


What to prepare

・1 bitter melon

・As much pork as you like (either in belly or shredded)

・1 onion

・1 tofu (firm is better)

・1 egg

・Other appropriate vegetables

・Happy to have spam if you can prepare it

・Cooking sake, soy sauce, oyster sauce

・Japanese soup stock, salt, sesame oil


Let’s cooking!

How to cook

Preparation of Bitter Melon

Prepare heavy, stout, dark-colored bitter melons as much as possible.

Mrs. I heard that the smaller ones have more concentrated flavor than the larger ones.

Hollow out the inside (seeds and watashi) with a spoon and slice into rounds. Note that we do not recommend eating the wata, although it is said to be a treasure trove of nutrients. Brave people should try it!

After rubbing them well with salt, expose them to plenty of water, about 20 to 30 minutes.

Tofu draining

Be sure to drain the tofu.

Wrap the tofu in kitchen paper and microwave for 1 to 2 minutes.

Remove from heat, squeeze out excess water, cut into dice, and fry on both sides in a frying pan. When lightly browned, it is OK. Reserve on a separate plate.

Vegetable Cutting

Cut vegetables.

Onions are thinly sliced. I also cut the carrots I had left over in the refrigerator into thin strips.

Stir-fry pork

Saute pork in sesame oil.

After salt and pepper, a dusting of potato starch is very tasty, but I omitted it this time.

When the pork is cooked, stir-fry the vegetables and seasonings as well

Throw in the remaining vegetables. Make sure to cook the bitter melon thoroughly!

The combined seasonings are then added at this time.

It would be delicious if you adjust the ratio of cooking sake:oyster sauce:soy sauce to be 1:1:1.5, but it is your choice here!

Japanese dashi stock is also optional (men’s cooking is very rough).

I also added a small amount of Dried flying fish broth soy sauce as a secret ingredient. Don’t tell anyone…

Add tofu and stir-fry together, and finally toss with beaten egg

Throw in the tofu and toss well. Gently so that it does not fall apart.

Finally, turn the beaten egg to complete the dish.

Freshly made hot is good, but it is also good to let it cool down before eating, so that the flavors blend well together.

It is served sprinkled with dried bonito flakes!

The beat that goes perfectly with this dish

An accompaniment to bitter melon stir-fry is this beat.

This is “Oriental Feel” co-produced by Akio Watanabe and KOHEI YOSHII!

The everlasting summer beat, reminiscent of the Caribbean Sea, is a perfect match for Okinawan cuisine.

I want to live in this never ending summer for the rest of my life…

At the end

Once the bitter melon and tofu have been prepared, all that remains is to heat them all up at once.

As long as the material is well EQ’d and comped, all that remains is to roughly balance the material with the fader, just as a song is finished. It is the same thing.

This is the night to enjoy dinner with such a beat-maker’s fantasy…

See you next time!